A studio dedicated to your skin perfection.

ParaMedical Tattooing

Today we can help burn patients, cancer survivors, clients with skin conditions and people with stretch marks to heal the negative feelings these issues can cause. The ability to design the human body has reached an unprecedented level in our human history delivering beauty beyond words, as works of art on skin and body.


We are at the dawn of an entire new generation of enhancement studios. Never before have such grand masters participated in the art forms surrounding the enhancement and beautification of the human body.


Paramedical tattoo consultations are always free.

Father & Son

Legend Ink represents the father and son team of Peter and Isaiah Bogdanov exclusively. Our tattoo legacy started way back in 1993 when Peter first started tattooing in his studio Demented Again Tattooing. 

Peter hit the ground running winning awards in best tribal, most unique and full color tattooing within his first year. Having been published in Tattoo Savage and visiting well over 30 tattoo expos it was no surprise that his son would join the family business.

Today we run our studio in beautiful downtown St Petersburg, Florida.

Peter Bogdanov

Peter has been tattooing since 1993. He is dedicated to passion in everything he does. Peter specializes in illustrative, freestyle and paramedical tattooing.

Isaiah Bogdanov

Isaiah has been in the family tattoo studio since the age of 16 starting his career on his 18th birthday. Isaiah is available for all your tattoo needs.

World Class Tattoo Artistry.

Welcome to the Bogdanov family tattoo studio. Legend Ink represents the father and son team of Isaiah and Peter Bogdanov along with studio hostess Donna Adelita Bogdanov. We are eager to be your guide in the world of skin based art. We help you permanently decorate your body with exquisite expressions of your unique personality.