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Welcome to The Liquid Walls, where artistry meets tradition in a celebration of creativity that spans generations. As the mural arts division of the esteemed Bogdanov family of businesses, we invite you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of our art studio.


Mural Services    |    Peter Bogdanov   |   Isaiah Bogdanov

Dark Grey Marble
Right Side Sharks Mural
Turning Shark Painting

Murals & Art Construction


We have been painting large scale murals our entire life. Our mural work has been seen in residential homes, educational facilities, retail businesses, and museums. 

Artistic Construction

The Bogdanov family has an advanced knowledge and skill set in construction, signage, and an ability to perform interior and exterior design builds. 

Interior Design Builds

We have a passion for carpentry, design and color. We are artists first and foremost, but our carpentry and interior design skills make for some very custom projects.

Exterior Design Builds

We love to design retail exteriors from providing murals to making signs, and all points in between. If you need an artist involved in your next build, reach out today. 

Isaiah Bogdanov

Isaiah Bogdanov has grown up helping his father on almost every mural we have ever done. This two man wrecking crew paints entire buildings in just days. 

Isaiah Painting

The Family

We are the Bogdanov family and we love to go big. We just love to paint in epic scale showing off imagination and technical ability. We also offer artistic construction of both unique interior and exterior concepts.

Make sure to visit each of our artist galleries to get some insight on each artists unique styles and abilities. All of our fine art is for sale and you can request custom commissions from either artist.

Be Blessed

Peter Bogdanov

Peter Bogdanov leads up our mural division as master artist and has been painting murals since 1995 when he painted his first large scale mural in a private home.

Peter Painting
Wine Bar

Wine Bars/Cellars

We have a special place in our hearts for wine bars and cellars. Pictured here is the wine bar from the Kauai home project complete with floating shelves, reclaimed wood wall boards and a Joa Wood Bar Top.

Custom Door Build

The Bali Doors

Peter repurposed these doors imported from Bali and changed them into a barn door style install. We started by converting an unused closet into a passthrough and then built shelves and completed the look with custom concrete. 

Epoxy Marble Floors

Epoxy Floors

We just love to do floors. Sometimes we custom paint them like this sample above and other times we do highly custom epoxy resin floors like those in our design studio. You won't find a more artistic solution to high impact floor art. 

Terra Nova Tigers Painting
Terra Nova Tigers Mural
Lifesize Stunami Painting


Demonstrating a massive Tsunami wave at over 35 feet tall really added impact to this museum mural and build install.

Custom Built Canvas Painting
Shark Mural Grid
Stunami Mural

Medical Teams International

The largest wave we ever painted. MTI came to us to paint a realistic Tsunami for a museum exhibit covering the damages these waves cause. It was very scary to stand below this very large natural disaster in mural form. 

Tiger Mural

We have a thing for Tigers 

This was the very first large scale tiger that Peter Bogdanov painted in a music studio back in 1997. The painting measured 12 feet tall and was part of a much larger set of murals in the main studio space. 

Skull Mural

Room Scale Octopus

This giant monster of an octopus was designed and painted to take up an entire room. We used a gray scale technique to keep a nautical color palette that worked out great. 

Let's Color The World

We would love to create art for you. We imagine, design, build, paint and create a broad range of art for customers from all walks of life. What can we do for you? 

Inverted Grey Marble
Isaiah Painting JellyFish


After designing the new brand logo for Hipnautical we set out to mural the retail space with a octopus and jellyfish theme. Here isaiah is seen painting the final details. The project also included LED lighting installs and signage.

Tiger Sign Instal

Signs Are Murals Too

For TerraNova High School we not only painted several murals we also designed and installed new signage. This tiger mascot was the signature piece for the schools outdoor swimming pool area. 

Custom Door Painting

Is that a door?

Known as the purple door, this painting was done in 1996 in a residential home. This one had a very unique texture made from mixing paint with cat liter and bird seed. Yes, you read that correctly. The texture really sets this one off. 

Custom Kitchen Build
Custom Kitchen Garden View
Pool Side Tiger Mural
Beach Tiger Mural
House of gods Painting
House of Gods

Our expertise extends beyond murals to encompass interior and exterior design, where every detail is carefully curated to evoke ambiance and inspire connection. Whether it's transforming a blank wall into a breathtaking focal point or crafting immersive environments that transcend the ordinary, we bring your vision to life with unparalleled craftsmanship and creativity.

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