We are on a quest to touch society with grand gestures of art, design and development.  Our design agency is built to help business customers succeed while our lifestyle brands focus on individuals and the community. Jump straight to our design agency, tattoo studio or mural business by following the links below. 

Branding, Web Design, Content Creation

Illustrative & ParaMedical Tattooing

Murals & Artistic Construction

Design is function.

We are a design agency with an advanced knowledge of Graphic Design, Internet Software and Brand Identity. We are on the lookout for our next grand adventures. We are looking for projects that really want to fly.

The Shark, Not The Fish

Our team has provided Internet development for the NBA, NBC, Hyatt, Pepsi, US Marines and many more. At the same time, our approach of simple, humble code meant to be shared efficiently has provided a solid foundation for clients of all sizes.

Come Play With Us!


Welcome to the Bogdanov Life.

Let's Play Together

A family of artists & designers  orchestrating wonder through the Bogdanov Design Agency, Legend Ink Tattoo Studio and Liquid Walls Mural & Artistic Construction.