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ClearPath Advisory Group

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

ClearPath first came to us looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Aside from their company name all their branding was done under the Prudential brand. It was time for ClearPath Advisory Group to develop their iconic brand that would represent the future of their company.

ClearPath Brand

The first step is the logo. From brainstorming sessions with the ClearPath team we developed a logo that symbolizes the clear path ahead for their clients. This logo is clear and easy to apply to many mediums from their website, to clothing to billboards etc.

Working Through the Corporate Approval Process

After their brand was finalized, and we knew how we wanted to showcase their group online it was time to build their website. The website gives their client a true representation of the experience they will receive when working with ClearPath. The site is informative and user friendly. The photos used give the user a feeling of where the members are from, who they are and what their specialties are.

This project did have a special set of circumstances since ClearPath Advisory Group is an affiliate of Prudential. Being a larger corporate entity, Prudential has strict regulations when it comes to behavior and representation of their affiliates. This created several rounds of approval and edits that many companies do not have to under go. We made sure of every detail was seen to as efficiently as possible.

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1 Comment

Donna Bogdanov
Donna Bogdanov
Jul 01, 2022

ClearPath Advisory Group are a great team of people. It has been a pleasure working them.

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