Inspiration In Everything We Do!

We are on a quest to touch society with grand gestures of art, design and development. We are the creators, orchestrating wonder! We are bold, beautiful, and unafraid to make change in the world.

Peter Bogdanov
Creative Director

Logo Design

The logo is meant to spark a positive memory or emotion, which can lead to further positive and lucrative interactions with your brand. Check out our brand and logo page.

Graphic Design

We have a graphic and print portfolio that goes back three decades for brands large and small. We are the very best when it comes to quality creative graphics.

Web Development

Full service consulting, design, development and account management. Providing scalable solutions from brochure sites to fully managed software packages.

Video & Photography

The Bogdanov team has a passion for film making rooted in the brand story. Our video work has been displayed on clients such as Hyatt, Remax, Verizon, and NBC to name a few. 

Annual Subscriptions

 For business owners looking to take advantage of the power of a graphic design agency while being able to spread out the costs monthly, our monthly payment model works great. This is a wonderful method of getting everything you need upfront while allowing your cash flow to prosper year round. Bogdanov will work hand-in-hand with you to establish your brand image and build your Internet presence at the start of your subscription and we provide open design hours throughout the year to fine tune and or add new campaigns.




Our mid level subscription is designed for e-commerce and software customers and also can be utilized for video and photography heavy customers. It includes the same brand management as our entry level program and doubles the amount of graphic support throughout the year.



Our high level clients enjoy best in class services across the board. At this level you can expect superior client support, large allocations of brand, design and code support. These are the movers and shakers of the world. We stop at nothing to make sure your company image is absolutely world class.



Our starter plan includes a full brand overhaul as well as a brochure website along with graphic design services for business cards, brochures, clothing design and other marketing needs during your first year with us.

Experts in the Brand Image

We provide brand identity development, management and consulting. We are prolific designers with over a quarter century in the business of branding. We offer logo design packages for startups and identity revamping for existing brands. 

Our software and Internet development projects have enjoyed a world stage supporting some of the planet's largest digital properties such as Hyatt, Pepsi, Verizon, USPS, Remax, US Marines, NBC, NBA and many more. At the same time, our approach of simple, humble code meant to be shared efficiently has provided a solid foundation for clients of all sizes. 

Imagination  = Opportunity

At our very core we are problem solvers, providing designer solutions aimed at 
commercial profit.

In Good Company

Our Clients have Included

The Family

The Bogdanov brand is a statement of what it means to follow the American Dream. Donna and Peter Bogdanov along with son Isaiah Bogdanov run the Bogdanov agency while daughter Natalia Bogdanov models and offers hospitality for our lifestyle brands. 

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Position / Role
Peter Bogdanov

Creative Director

Position / Role
Donna Bogdanov

Account Manager

Position / Role
Isaiah Bogdanov

Artist | Designer | Developer

Position / Role
Natalia Bogdanov

Model | Hospitality