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Cold Friend


The Bad Petrovich surfboard line continues to merge high art with surf culture through its unique creations. The custom "Cold Friend" surfboard stands as a testament to this vision. Featuring one of Peter Bogdanov's most renowned fine art paintings, this board embodies the brand's commitment to making art both accessible and functional.

"My Cold Friend," a striking piece from Bogdanov, is now beautifully transferred onto a surfboard that is designed to be both affordable and a high-quality work of art. This dual-purpose design ensures that the board can be enjoyed in the waves and admired as a wall-mounted piece of art.

The design showcases a mesmerizing abstract creature rendered in vivid colors against a dark, mysterious backdrop. The creature, with its piercing eye and intricate details, seems to emerge from the depths, creating a sense of movement and life. The contrasting colors of orange, red, and purple against the deep blues and blacks add depth and intrigue, making the artwork truly captivating.

On the other side, the surfboard features a sleek, monochromatic design with the Bad Petrovich logo prominently displayed. This side is more understated, offering a stark contrast to the vibrant artwork, and is designed to highlight the brand's identity while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic.

The dimensions and shape of the "Cold Friend" surfboard are crafted for performance. Its streamlined profile ensures agility and speed in the water, while the balanced width and thickness provide stability and control. This makes the board suitable for various surfing conditions, allowing riders to experience the thrill of the waves on a piece of high art.

Priced to be affordable, the "Cold Friend" surfboard is an opportunity for surf enthusiasts and art collectors alike to own a piece that bridges the gap between fine art and surf culture. Whether you choose to ride it or display it, this board is a unique addition to any collection.

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