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  • The Beautiful II

The Beautiful II


The "Beautiful II" surfboard from the Bad Petrovich line is a vibrant and striking piece that pays homage to the original "The Beautiful" board, which sold on Facebook within just 15 minutes of being posted. This remake captures the essence of the original design while offering enhancements that make it both a stunning display piece and a practical surfboard for everyday use.

This 6-foot board features an eye-catching design that is sure to stand out whether it's hung on a wall or ridden on the waves. The front of the board displays a haunting monochromatic face, merging seamlessly into a splash of vivid colors on the back, creating a striking contrast. The face is expressive, with soulful eyes that draw the viewer in, giving the board a lifelike and almost surreal quality.

At the top of the board, the Bad Petrovich logo stands out proudly, reinforcing the brand's commitment to quality and unique artistry. The use of bold pinks, blacks, and a spectrum of vibrant hues in the artwork not only showcases Peter Bogdanov's artistic flair but also ensures that the board is a visual masterpiece.

Designed to be easily hangable in any interior, the "Beautiful II" surfboard is an affordable option for those who want to incorporate high art into their living spaces. The board's dimensions and design make it versatile enough to be a centerpiece in a room, while its practical construction ensures it is durable and functional for regular surfing.

In summary, the "Beautiful II" surfboard from Bad Petrovich is a perfect blend of art and utility. It allows art lovers and surf enthusiasts to own a piece of Peter Bogdanov's iconic style, whether they choose to ride it or display it. This board is not just a surfboard; it's a statement piece, a conversation starter, and a testament to the fusion of fine art and surf culture.

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