Artist Isaiah Bogdanov

Cover up Tattooing

Tattooing is the practice of art on skin. That doesn't mean though that scars, or other pieces stop you from continuing your story. On the contrary I believe they're just another point you should keep writing from.


Thankfully whether its older ink, or even scars its more a matter of how your next piece is done. So instead of resorting to lasers please come and explore the possibilities with us! See just how we can turn scars into trophies!

Following the footsteps of Giants!

I've lived amongst great art all my life, in no small part due to my father Peter Bogdanov. So of course since long before 2015, when I started tattooing, I've been following every step to greatness I can find!

The tattoo art portfolios of Isaiah Bogdanov


Color Tattooing

Spending years in Hawaii has given me an appreciation for nature and flowers like no other. As part of this I've fallen in love with the magic of what Color can do on and off the skin 

Black & Gray

We all start our art career in pencil, and so naturally I find we're drawn to black and grey tattooing. As a result of which I am fairly versed in drawing on skin, both literary and figuratively.

Cover Ups

Life is a windy path at best. So of course not every Idea is going to be perfect forever. Thankfully though whether it's a skin mark, or an old tattoo I've come to love turning scars into trophies.

Color Tattooing

Black & Gray

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