The Bogdanov Life

We are passionate artists with a mission to enjoy life to the fullest. Our lifestyle section showcases our in house brands showing off what it means to be a Bogdanov. Legend Ink is our tattoo facility while Bad Petrovich showcases our surfboard and skate art. The Liquid Walls represents our mural and artistic construction services. We also showcase the fine art of both Peter and Isaiah Bogdanov along with a few of our dream projects. We hope you enjoy the Bogdanov life.

Legend Ink is a state of the art tattooing facility designed specifically to preform masterpieces on skin. The studio hosts father and son artists Peter and Isaiah Bogdanov exclusively.

 It would never be enough to just paint surfboards as wall hung art. For Bad Petrovich we custom build, shape, and design high art, high performance, high class masterpieces only every time.

The mural paintings of the BOGDANOV family have been seen in residential homes, educational facilities, retail businesses and museums. Our Liquid Walls, the stories that we recall... 

Beyond The Flesh

Beyond The Flesh is a psychological sci-fi thriller based on the real life love story of the films creators. Art is our world. This is our story. This is a life lived, Beyond The Flesh.

Tattoos By Peter 

Peter has been tattooing since 1993. He is dedicated to passion in everything he does. Peter specializes in illustrative, freestyle and paramedical tattooing.  Peter works with clients to design very personal artistic images that are unique and one of a kind, everytime.

Tattoos By Isaiah 

Having grown up inside a tattoo studio his entire life, Isaiah was literally born to tattoo. Isaiah is as blue collar as they come when it comes to who and what he tattoos. A true work horse, Isaiah loves to tattoo what you are after in the style you want. 

Artist Peter Bogdanov

To me art is the medium. Life is my canvas. Talent has no boundaries. Prolific and Gifted, I am an Artist with a capital "A." Vulnerable. Brave. Addicted to life. Here to inspire.

Artist Isaiah Bogdanov

Isaiah has been an artist from the time he was a child. Take a look at various fine art paintings as well as his skate boards for sale.

Pyramid Castle

Peter Bogdanov started studying architecture in high school as he excelled at the top of his class. Pyramid castle is our dream home, legacy museum and another masterpiece we plan to leave the world. We have designed many versions of this unique building, we plan to break ground within the next 5 years.

The Tattoo Hotel is a grand concept in hospitality and art culture. Peter and Donna Bogdanov are currently seeking investor/partners to bring the concept to reality. We are seeking real estate options in the Tampa Bay Area. Vacations are temporary, tattoos are forever!

Artistic Construction

The Bogdanov family goes back several generations in the building trades. My grandfather taught my father and I in turn have taught Isaiah and so the story unfolds. We are available for interior and exterior design builds with a creative style that sets us apart.

We are serial entrepreneurs and professional life-o-holics driven with a passion for human greatness. A family of Artists & Designers - Orchestrating Wonder!. Jump straight into our design agency portfolio and line up of services. Brand Identity, Logo Design, Web Development, Multi Media and Design Consulting.