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The King


The "The King" skateboard from the Bad Petrovich line embodies the essence of the brand with its regal and striking design. This skateboard deck is a true statement piece, blending art and functionality seamlessly.

The deck's artwork is dominated by a bold, black shield with a meticulously detailed eye at its center, symbolizing vigilance and strength. This shield is crowned with a royal crest, adding an air of majesty and authority to the design. The wings extending from the sides of the shield further enhance the sense of power and freedom, creating a dynamic and visually appealing composition.

The background features deep red hues, adding depth and intensity to the overall aesthetic. The intricate patterns and shading highlight the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each Bad Petrovich skateboard.

On the reverse side, the skateboard is finished with the brand's signature grip tape. The black grip tape, adorned with the Bad Petrovich logo and a crown, not only provides excellent traction but also complements the regal theme of the deck. This grip tape ensures that riders can perform tricks and maneuvers with confidence while showcasing their unique style.


  • Deck Size: Standard skateboard dimensions
  • Artwork: "The King" featuring a shield, eye, crown, and wings
  • Grip Tape: Bad Petrovich brand name grip tape with logo and crown
  • Design Theme: Royalty, power, freedom

This skateboard is perfect for both art enthusiasts and skateboarders who appreciate high-quality design and functionality. Whether displayed as a part of an art collection or used for skating, "The King" skateboard from Bad Petrovich is a unique and captivating addition that embodies the spirit of the brand. With its striking visuals and superior craftsmanship, this deck is sure to turn heads and make a statement wherever it goes.

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