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Museum Pro Team

The company that we keep.

Beyond - The Flesh Museum’s legacy will be further secured by the company we keep. The concept can not be contained by a single artist or family. It will be our purpose to build, maintain and be at the forefront of fine art masters learning to collect, archive and curate these tattooed skins. Beyond - The Flesh Museum will change our time in human history as works of art on human flesh become the ultra currency of the fine art world. The museum will build an artist pro team of 36+ of the worlds most well know tattoo artists and we will facilitate the collection of their client skins as well adding an additional 1,500 human skins within our first 10 years of operation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the museum open to the public?

Third Quarter 2025

Can any tattoo artists get involved?

Yes, our tattoo preservation services are available to most qualified tattooists.

Can anyone have their tattoos preserved?

Most tattoos done professionally can be preserved and yes, you can have your tattoos preserved.

How do I become a Pro Team Artist?

If you can present a highly advanced portfolio you can apply online here

Can I become a partner or vendor?

We are seeking qualified business partners and vendors for a variety of positions.

When will the DocuSeries or Movie be coming out and where can I watch?

Our video projects will be available in 2024 and 2025 and our streaming partners will be announced well in advance.

Our Pro Team

Our global artist collection will be the premier gallery of the museum. We are hand picking the tattoo industries top caliber talent to be included in our endeavor. The future is bright. but we are just getting started. Check back often as our Pro Team will be growing rapidly.

Rafael Cassaro

Peter Bogdanov

Isaiah Bogdanov

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