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The Bogdanov team is led by a passion for media creation rooted in the brand story. Our media work has been on displayed for clients such as Hyatt, Remax, Verizon, NBA, and NBC to name a few. We are dreamers with a special talent for producing audio, video and photography magic.

In today's world media content is devoured in a daily ritual of constant intake. Not only does one need to be prolific in content creation, one must also be unique. To this end we offer a multi media services line up that includes audio, video, photography and complete project management.

Content Initiatives

The power of media!

We offer a custom solution to today's demanding content creation needs. We work hand in hand with our clients to craft content creation strategies. Aiming for best in class, we strive to deliver impactful multi media content across a broad social footprint. Every customer is unique, every problem an opportunity.


Let's figure out your media needs.

Logo Design

The logo is meant to spark a positive memory or emotion, which can lead to further positive and lucrative interactions with your brand. Check out our brand and logo page.

Graphic Design

We have a graphic and print portfolio that goes back three decades for brands large and small. We are the very best when it comes to quality creative graphics.

Web Development

Full service consulting, design, development and account management. Providing scalable solutions from brochure sites to Fully Managed Software packages.

Video & Photography

The Bogdanov team has a passion for film making rooted in the brand story. Our video work has been displayed on clients such as Hyatt, Remax, Verizon, and NBC to name a few. 

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